The best employees can help to grow your company, but finding and retaining the best talent is tough – and expensive. According to Glassdoor, the average company in the US spends $4,000 to hire a new employee and the process will take 52 days.

To build an excellent team, you’ll need to offer interesting positions, competitive salaries, and a congenial office environment. Here’s a closer look at eight small strategies that you can use to delight your employees to boost their productivity and loyalty to your business.

Eight Office-Based Perks to Attract the Best Talent

The options in this list are cost-effective and they can give you the competitive edge to beat competing businesses to the best talent out there. We’d love to hear if you have any suggestions for this list too!

1. Subsidize desk cleaning

If you offer subsidized cleaning, you’ll be sure to keep your employees happy and unlock a range of benefits for both them and your business. Here’s a look at the key benefits of a clean desk:

Enhanced productivity
Countless studies and surveys have shown that a messy desk can really hinder the productivity of your team members. In fact, the average office employee will waste 4.3 hours each week looking for papers!

If you offer subsidized desk cleaning, you can keep your employees as productive and as focused as possible.

Avoid sick days
Did you know that around 10 million bacteria are found on the average office desk? Those germs have a lot of responsibility for the fact that over half of US adults take up to five sick days each year.

If you help your employees to keep their desks clean, you’ll help them to remain productive and healthy over the course of the year.

Create a sense of ownership
Your office is a shared space and you’ll have put a lot of effort into organizing and maintaining it. It’s important that your team members feel that the space is their own, too, so that they are comfortable and respect it.

If you offer subsidized desk cleaning, you can inspire your team members to enjoy a sense of shared ownership. This can elevate their sense of responsibility and push their performance upward.

2. Offer free fruit

Lots of people enjoy a healthy snack over the course of the day, so why not offer free fruit to your employees? They’ll love this little touch. Free fruit can help to make the lives of your employees much easier and it will add a touch of vitality to your office.

In terms of the practical benefits, studies have shown that fruit can help people to fight back against depression, stress, and overall negativity. If you decide to offer free fruit in your office, you’ll also find that your team members spend more time at work rather than heading out to grab a snack.

You could even try to source your fruit locally and create a thriving partnership with a local fruit and vegetable store. This can help you to run a responsible business – something that’s increasingly important to professionals across the United States.

3. Organize seasonal activities

If you’ve put a lot of effort into putting together an excellent team, you’ll want to make sure that you provide lots of opportunities for them to socialize and create a sense of team spirit. A great way to do this is to host regular seasonal activities.

At the start of the year, you might want to take a look over your calendar to identify the big events that are coming up throughout 2020. You could make the most of these landmark events to get the team together and create some special shared moments.

4. Present a choice between standing and sitting desks

The average office professional is now far more aware of their office surroundings than ever before. You’ll have to make sure that you offer the appropriate equipment and conditions if you’re going to attract the best team members out there.

You might find that your new team members appreciate the option of choosing between a sitting or standing desk. Some people rely on standing desks to burn additional calories, tackle back pain, improve their focus, and raise their energy levels – they’ll certainly appreciate the option.

In fact, you could present all your new hires with a range of options before they start in your company. Offer them choices in terms of the desk and other equipment to make them really feel at home.

5. Capture great interior design

The environment that we work within can have a dramatic impact on our mood and our productivity. You should try to offer an attractive office that will help your team members work to the best of their ability – and enjoy doing it!

You’ll want to focus on understanding some interior design principles to keep your team happy. Think about focusing on light, for instance, as well as the inclusion of plants to improve the air quality in your office.

You’ll also want to keep everything as clean and well-maintained as possible, too. This means cleaning regularly and helping your employees to keep their desks clean.

6. Install entertainment options

It’s very important that you provide a comfortable office space that gives your employees the opportunity to unwind together and take a break from their hard work. If you provide this space internally, you’ll again find it easier to reduce the amount of time your employees spend outside the office during work hours.

It’s pretty simple to put together an entertainment space, too. You could consider investing in a small television, for instance, that’s complemented by a fun games console and a few games. This can become a fun space for your team members to bond and unwind.

These little touches are sure to be appreciated by your potential and existing employees. Even if they aren’t used that much, it’s a good indication that you care for the welfare of your employees.

7. Offer rewards and treats

Everybody loves to celebrate an achievement and you can help your employees to do this in style. Just a small reward or treat can go a long way to motivating your employees and keeping them as happy as possible.

Let’s imagine that a new salesperson closes their first deal, for instance, or a new product team member pushes their first lines of code. You could have a small reward or treat system that helps your employees to celebrate their achievements and feel like a part of the team.

8. Subsidize nutritious lunches

Lots of businesses have started to offer paid or subsidized lunches for their team members. This can help your employees to save money, and they’ll be sure to appreciate the offer of a nice meal.

From a practical perspective your business also stands to gain, too. You’ll benefit from more happy and motivated employees who spend more time together. You’ll also maximize the amount of time that your employees spend in the office, too.

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