With the New Year just behind us, you might find yourself looking ahead to 2020 with your resolutions in hand and a renewed sense of enthusiasm pushing you forward. Now is the perfect time to develop new personal and professional habits that can help you to live a healthy and productive life.

In this piece, we’re going to focus on the five main reasons a clean desk can boost your personal and professional life.

Why to Keep Your Desk Clean Throughout 2020

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American works 44 hours per week – that’s a staggering 8.8 hours spent in the office each working day. With deadlines and daily tasks coming at you during that time, it’s often tough to focus on keeping your desk clean.

But hygiene at the office can’t be an afterthought. If you keep your desk clean throughout 2020, here’s what you’ll enjoy.

Appreciate your job

Work is a big part of our lives and you’ll obviously want to be as happy with your professional life as possible. There are lots of factors that affect whether or not you’re satisfied with your job. You’ll think about things like:

  • Pay
  • Promotion opportunities
  • Your co-workings
  • Your tasks
  • Company policies

Your working environment is another huge factor. We all want to work in a well-equipped space that has everything we need to safely and effectively perform our duties.

There’s a good chance that your company already hires a cleaner, but there are some individual steps that you can take to elevate the hygiene of your own personal working environment. You might decide to clean your desk regularly, for instance.

If you keep your own desk and personal space clean, you’ll find that you’re naturally more comfortable at work. This helps you to enjoy coming into the office and it can have a big impact on the way that you perceive your professional life.

Avoid getting sick

Nobody enjoys being sick. It’s costly and uncomfortable, and it can affect your professional and personal life in a number of ways.

Unfortunately, most offices are a hotbed for germs and bacteria. There are around 10 million bacteria that live on the average office desk, for instance, and they can have a serious impact on your health and productivity over the course of the year.

Those germs can survive for days at a time, too, putting you at constant risk. If you take the time to safely clean your desk using the latest equipment and techniques, you can reduce the amount of days that you spend sick.

Boost your productivity

Everybody wants to perform to the best of their ability at work. Lots of people are motivated by the prospect of promotion and higher salaries, for instance, or even a sense of personal self-worth.

Achieving and maintaining a high level of productivity is no easy task, though. There are lots of constant distractions that might cause you to neglect or shy away from your work, so you’ve got to reduce them as much as possible.

According to Reliable Plant, the average American will spend 4.3 hours per week searching for papers. These menial tasks can affect your concentration and sap your ability to think creatively.

If you keep your desk tidy and organized, you’ll be able to focus on performing to the best of your ability to enjoy professional success.

Demonstrate your commitment

According to Forbes contributor Jenna Goudreau, 57% of Americans say that they judge their coworkers according to how dirty or clean their workspaces are. It’s only natural that we pay attention to those things – it’s a good indication of how a person is performing or feeling.

This also means that you can be absolutely sure your managers and senior members of staff are paying attention to the same factors. If you can achieve and maintain a hygienic personal working environment, you can be sure that they’ll notice.

If you keep your space clean, you’ll demonstrate your willingness to do what it takes to succeed, and you’ll also show that you’re committed to your work environment.

Enjoy a sense of ownership

If you’re going to succeed in your work environment, it’s important that you take the reins and become engaged. You’ll want to demonstrate a sense of ownership – it’ll be sure to impress your colleagues and your managers.

If you clean your personal environment, you’ll play an important part in keeping your office clean. You’ll help your business to make the right first impression, and you’ll play an active role in pushing your business forward.

If you keep your desk clean this year, you’ll automatically feel more engaged and as though you’re part of the business.

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